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Cet itinéraire photographique est le récit d'une rencontre inéluctable avec la Vénétie, il me fallait réinventer en urgence le rapport à cet espace.

La nocturne ferroviaire s'effaça dès les premiers pavés foulés et d'instinct je jetai mon dévolu sur ce qui me paraissait l'abstraction de cette ville fantasmée.

Un permanent mouvement troublé d'introspection et de rêveries le long de la lagune de Venise.


Les vaporettos furent mes frères d'armes durant ces quelques jours.
De façon frénétique j'empruntai chaque convoi après quelques heures à terre.


This photographic journey is the account of an inevitable encounter with the Veneto.

I had no desire to visit, contemplate or comment upon cultural programmes intended to “frame” our innocent souls.

I had to reinvent my relationship to this region as a matter of urgency. 


The nocturnal train journey was forgotten the moment I trod the first flagstones and instinctively launched myself into the abstract idea of this fantastical city.
Permanent motion stirred by introspection and reverie along the Venetian lagoon.
The vaporettos became my brothers-in-arms during these few days. I frenetically took them following a few hours on land to avoid drowning in cross-cultural touristic overconsumption.

I was suffocating... I had to rediscover that insistent rhythm that would allow me to better apprehend the city.

From dawn to dusk I never tired of feeding from this fuel, from this rumble that never altered the “mystical” communication between each daily protagonist.
What might have seemed like a non-statement or a non-deed turned out to be a link that bound an insular community from Torcello or Burano...

Thus I was able to really live this city, to breathe Venice, to make it my own.

This photographic journey has an aesthetic and graphic bias. Face uncovered, aimed at flight or prism. A relationship to others, without artifice, on this ever-changing lagoon. 


27 PHOTOGRAPHIES  / Studio Hans Lucas




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