J'ai partagé durant plusieurs mois le quotidien de jeunes adultes souffrant de schizophrénie qui, malgré leurs troubles psychiques, désirent avant tout rompre l’isolement qu'ils ont pu connaître.

Ce petit groupe hétéroclite de 20 adultes se retrouve chaque jour sur plusieurs chantiers Espaces Verts coordonnée par un  Etablissement et Service d'Aides par le Travail (ESAT) . Eprouvés par les traîtements médicaux, ils sont néanmoins présents afin "de mettre en off la radio qu'ils ont dans la tête", afin partager et communiquer, afin d'y trouver cadre et équibilbre.


A travers ce travail, j'ai souhaité illustrer la volonté dont ils font preuve afin de construire leur projets de vie, afin de devenir quelqu'un "d'ordinaire".

Ce travail retranscrit sans filtres leurs mots, leur regard sur leur maladie. Six cent mille personnes sont atteintes de schizophrénie en France.





The story of young people’s daily struggle with schizophrenia and the help they receive to break free from isolation.


I spent several months observing the daily lives of young adults with mental health problems in the ESAT Green Spaces programme who, above all, wish to overcome the isolation that their condition can result in.

This diverse group of twenty meet every day at various green field sites in the Yvelines.

Despite being exhausted by medical procedures, they attend in order to “switch off the radio in their heads” and share their stories in an effort to attain balance and structure.


In this work, my aim was to illustrate their will in pursuing their project to become “normal”.

This work transcribes their views about their condition directly.


600,000 people suffer from schizophrenia in France.




“I passed my baccalaureate but found myself isolated as a result of auditory hallucinations. Then after two years punctuated by psychiatric treatment, the opportunity to join an ESAT programme presented itself.

I was sceptical and unsure, being unaware of what they offered, but took it on as a challenge. I learned skills, and the structure alleviates my condition daily. I feel normal."

Y.B  05/2017


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